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Your imagination is the only limit to the style of fence you can build.

Foamfast fencing & walling is
CONSTRUCTED of light weight fiberglass reinforced composite panels and
SUPPORTED by galvanised steel posts,
CREATING a solid, strong and easily constructed rendered wall or fence.

Key Benefits

  • Speed of application
  • Reduction in on-site cost
  • Ease of application
  • Minimal risk of cracking
  • Insulation (energy efficient)


  • Feature walls
  • Front fences and entrances
  • Privacy walls (with noise reduction qualities)
  • Swimming Pool enclosures

Yes, it is possible.

Foamfast – Adelaide’s prestige residential rendered panel fencing and walling is used on all sorts of sites and can be used in some situations where block or brick isn’t possible or is not economically viable.

Generally you can construct our fences without council approval to a height of up to 2m depending on the relevant council requirements and regulations.

Our foamfast light weight walling is sometimes referred to as polystyrene cladding, polystyrene walling, insulated wall cladding, foam cladding and render panel or rendered panel.

All the benefits of a masonry wall without the time & expense of building one.

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