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Trims, glues, tools & fasteners.

Foamfast supply all the relevant building supplies required for attaching, sealing, rendering and trimming foamfast products.

Cutting services

Foamfast is able to cut any possible shape you may require for your very own custom application.

Materials used include polystyrene, polyurethane and Styrofoam (commonly known as “Blue Foam”).

Many of our custom applications include:

  • Garden and pool features
  • Signage – display and exhibition
  • Sheets of any thickness
  • Packaging shapes for your product
  • Flotation – pontoons, walkways
  • Insulation – building, pipe and refrigeration
  • Floral arrangement shapes

Foamfast have all the accessories to finish the job

  • Full range of renders, textures and finishes
  • Glues and expanding void filling foams
  • Adhesives and sealants
  • Fixings (screws, fixing washers, etc.)
  • Full range of PVC and aluminum angles and trim including


ProTrim and Renderlock products

  • Fiberglass re-enforcing mesh
  • Floats, Trowels, mixers etc.


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